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Image of NEIN

My favorite word is „NEIN“. According to my parents, this was my first word. „NEIN“ is liberating. „NEIN“ helps you getting shit done. „NEIN“ frees up time and energy to spend with things or people you love. In the mid-nineties, I joined a weird cult, mostly made up of people who say „NEIN“ quite a lot. This is their story. This is the interim result of a long term project, spanning about 20 years.

With photographs by Flint Stelter, Sarah Kastrau, Denise Stelter, video still from recording by Torsten Heil, plus found footage. Featuring photographs of bands such as Hands Tied, Ten Yard Fight, Avail, Mainstrike, Zao. Including lyrics from bands such as Bane, Unity, Youth of Today.

Photobook in newspaper format, 60 pages, limited edition of 20, signed.

This is the photobook equivalent of a test pressing. Only 20 made. I will be selling only four copies, the rest has been submitted to contests, archives and people involved in the making. It contains some photographs that will not be shown again. Profits help me advance current projects.